We are located in Braeside Victoria and have the capacity to supply nation wide.

Delicious, Fresh Processed Herbs and Vegetables

Catering to wholesalers and retailers across the Australian and international food industry we offer products that are ideal for bulk or restaurant purposes. We specialise in the processing of garlic, ginger and chilli to suit all types of users from your avid home cook to a professional chef.

Our products are free from any artificial flavouring, additives or processing aids. We are the preferred suppliers to major food processors and distributors. CV Garlic products are found across the country in the kitchens of homes, restaurants, cafes and major catering companies.

We supply and manufacture:

Suppliers and Manufacturers of Fresh and Crushed Garlic and Vegetable Products



Crushed or whole, diced or sliced, this will save time and money.



If you’re familiar with ginger, you’ll realise that preparing this root with its irregular shape can be time consuming and wasteful. We’ve taken this fuss out and provide it to you already minced.



We use the red chilli so this delivers a potent delivery of hot flavouring. There are no sweeteners or gels in this. Just a lot of chilli, some oil, salt and vinegar as a natural preserve.

Packaging Sizes

Among the above, we have other packaging sizes to suit your needs from 1kg, 2kg, 10kg, and 20kg even up to 1000kg bulk containers for manufacturers or wholesalers. We also have the resources to supply our product in different sized jars from 150g to 2kg.

Contact us, as we are capable of varying pack sizes and processes to suit your needs.


A popular product for restaurants is our Garlic and Ginger already mixed together packed in a 10kg bucket, perfect for Indian cuisines which calls for these two base ingredients in nearly all dishes.


We can also supply a range of ready cleaned whole or process vegetables and herbs from celery, carrots, parsley, etc. Contact the leading crushed garlic manufacturer in Australia to discuss how we can cater to your needs.

Over 30 Years In Business

We supply wholesalers, distributors, food manufactures, restaurants across Australia and International.